Welcome to The Quarantine Creative Collection

The current health crisis presents new challenges to us. One of these challenges is social distancing, isolation, and various levels of quarantine. This website was created to inspire creative work during this time and to create a collection of creative work resulting from these new social behaviors. Whether you’re here to contribute to the collection or just to enjoy it, know that you are in good company here.

Recently Added to the Creative Collection


About the piece: This 100 words long fiction portrays a peaceful scene of calm and quiet and family and happiness. ———————————————————————————— Right about now, somewhere far or somewhere close, there is an aged woman–her hair graying, her bones breaking, and her eyesight going–sitting in a rocking chair before her three lovely and lively grandchildren whom… Continue reading THE OLD AND THE NEW

My Summer

For school, I had to do a tracing abstract representing 3 things I’ve been doing during stay at home. I chose the starfish to represent my hopes of vacation this summer if they open the beaches. I chose the mouse because I’m doing all online classes. I chose the colored pencil to represent my love… Continue reading My Summer

Quarantine College Graduation Party

About the artist/photographer: Gray Carson is a middle school dropout that started college at 13-years-old, and now has a bachelors degree in mathematics. She is colorblind, but collects weird Rubik’s Cubes. She also has synesthesia which allows her to see full colors when she sees music. Her website is GrayCarson.com. A note from Carla: Congratulations… Continue reading Quarantine College Graduation Party

Most Recently Shared Visual Work

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